Protect & Renew your property with superior Paints & waterproofing coatings guaranteed for 10 years

get a 10 year warranty against cracking or fading with our superior Paints & waterproof wall coatings...

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SUPER HYDROPHOBIC WATERPROOF WALL COATINGS & superior grade paints guaranteed for 10 years

6 Reasons Smart Spray ARE The Smart Choice

Weather Proof Coatings

Our coatings protect your property from the extreme Marbella weather and are guaranteed not to fade or crack so your home remains looking amazing.

Temperature Controlling & Energy Efficient 

Insulates your home reducing your energy bills for heating and A/C


Prevents condensation, mould, and penetrating damp


Our coating are super hydrophobic meaning they repel water and maintains a dry surface beneath.


Our coating prevent dirt from clinging to walls so it rinses off in the rain hence resisting discolouration. 


Our wall coatings are breathable allowing any moisture in the material to escape so it doesn't come back in your property's wall.

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