the best damp proofing in marbella With proPERLA® Damp course

Guaranteed 10 years of protection against rising damp in Marbella & throughout the Costa Del Sol 


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proPERLA® the ultimate protection against rising damp in marbella & costa del sol

We offer rising damp and damp proofing in Marbella and across the Costa Del Sol. Rising damp is a common issue in Marbella and throughout the Costa Del Sol, where moisture from the ground can seep into the walls of buildings, causing damage to materials such as plaster, paint, and wallpaper. All our work comes with a 10 year warranty.
It can also have negative effects on the health of the building's inhabitants. To stop your rising damp issues in Marbella, we use proPERLA® DPC the leading, scientifically tested treatment to prevent moisture infiltration.

How does DPC technology work

how we apply proPERLA® DPC


Perforations in the wall Let In moisture

We carry out a study to determine where the humidity is coming from and where to drill to fix the problem.


damp proofing in marbella

We Inject proPERLA® DPC In To The walls

The product creates a vertical barrier that prevents moisture rising up into the wall from the foundation.


rising damp marbella

The treated wall is like new again

The entire area affected by humidity now has a water-repellent, self-cleaning coating and super hydrophobic paint. 

reasons to choose proPERLA® Damp Proof Course for your marbella property

Easy to apply (one application is enough).

Applicable on facades composed by mineral materials.

Delays surface degradation.

Prevents the appearance of mould and lichens.

Extremely moisture resistant.

Improves thermal efficiency.

Tested & certified in independent laboratories.

It has a useful lifespan of 20 years.

before & after using proPERLA® DPC


exterior rising damp marbella


complete rising damp treament in marbella


What our customers say

Mats Ekman

Our villa looks brand new & the team was very careful and covered everything up. It was a great experience working with this company. They were professional, friendly, and did an excellent job. Great service.  

Johan Nilsson

We recently had Smart Spray spray our home  and were very happy with the results. They showed up on time.  Their windows look fantastic, and they left everything spotless.

David Hultman

After researching wall coatings we found Smart Spray when we moved into our house, we had our walls and garage door sprayed. The house looks gorgeous on the outside for a long time and we saved a lot of money. The experience was excellent.  


Once the product is applied, the facade is still in poor condition. How can I solve it?

Under normal circumstances, the product is applied when the property already has serious humidity problems.

This means that the wall will still be visibly affected. What we recommend is to rehabilitate the entire affected area and, for this, that you hire one of our official applicators.

Does it work on old walls?

It doesn’t matter if the house is old or new. Humidity affects both equally. The product works equally well on both.

Is it necessary to reapply the product after time?

In the event that the product has been applied incorrectly, it probably will have to be applied again. However, if done right, the product has a shelf life of 20 years. Therefore, we recommend hiring professionals.

How is the product applied?

The first thing to do is to study where the humidity is coming from and its scope, before starting to drill into the wall.

Once we know the origin of the humidity, small horizontal perforations are made in the wall and the product is injected through them.

The cream expands and hardens, creating a horizontal barrier that prevents moisture from rising.

How much space should be left between the holes?

These should be 10 cm height from the ground and about 11-12 cm between each hole. The product must be applied in non-hollow areas, generally in the mortar joint between bricks.

Can it be used on any type of wall?

It will only work in those that are composed by mineral construction materials.

Does it work when the humidity is penetrating into the wall from the roof?

No, it only avoids rising damp.


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