Roof tile waterproofing in Marbella with proPERLA®

Protect your roof & maintain Its Tiles natural appearance 


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 proPERLA® roof tile waterproofing system


Once applied, proPERLA® coated roof tiles become breathable and capable of allowing water vapor to pass through them. This ensures that moisture doesn't accumulate within the tiles & instead easily dissipates into the air so extending the life and look of your property's tiles.

Even a mere 5% of trapped moisture within tiles can significantly diminish a roof's thermal resistance to environmental elements, by as much as 50%.

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Applying proPERLA® to your roof tiles ensures rainwater cannot penetrate your tiles. Instead, raindrops simply settle on the surface or glide off, flowing into gutters or onto the ground. This helps to keep your tiles dry and moisture-free.

As a result, your roof will remain impervious to frost damage and highly resilient against a variety of biological threats, such as mould, moss, microbial spores, lichen, and more.

waterproof roof tiles marbella treated with peoperla coating

Self-cleaning Roof Tiles

Similar to its water-repellent properties, proPERLA® also prevents dirt from sticking to roof tiles. Instead, dirt remains on the surface without penetrating the porous material.
By allowing rainwater to easily rinse off surface dirt, tiles treated with proPERLA® remain in excellent condition over time without showing signs of deterioration. This not only helps to preserve the appearance of your roof, but also saves you the time and effort of having to clean them yourself.
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 Resistant to adverse weather 

Regardless of the orientation or location of a house, tiles are constantly subjected to harsh weather conditions such as sea salt, sunlight, high humidity, acid rain, and more.
Fortunately, proPERLA® offers exceptional protection against these elements, helping tiles maintain their original color for years to come.

Roof tile Waterproofing backed by a 10-year guarantee.

The proPERLA® Water Repellent roof tile system is guaranteed to provide a lifespan of at least 10 years. Nevertheless, based on our experience, tiles treated with proPERLA® remain in excellent condition even after 25 years. This represents significant cost savings for owners by reducing the need for maintenance, replacement & repairs.

why proPERLA® Waterproof tile treatment? 

Reduces water absorption.

It has undergone EU accredited testing.

It has a 10-year manufacturer's warranty and a 25-year shelf life.

Prevents efflorescence.

It avoids humidity.

It has a colourless finish.

Discourages the growth of moss, algae and lichens.

Dirt resistant.

Wet roof tiles = Thermal bridges = Energy loss

By applying a breathable waterproofing agent to tiles, moisture accumulation and damage can be effectively prevented, thereby helping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Improved insulation properties can be achieved through the use of a breathable surface.

A 5% accumulation of humidity in roof tiles can cause a 50% increase in heat loss.

properla waterproof tile treatment system explanation

How does water repellent 


What our customers say

Mats Ekman

Our villa looks brand new & the team was very careful and covered everything up. It was a great experience working with this company. They were professional, friendly, and did an excellent job. Great service.  

Johan Nilsson

We recently had Smart Spray spray our home  and were very happy with the results. They showed up on time.  Their windows look fantastic, and they left everything spotless.

David Hultman

After researching wall coatings we found Smart Spray when we moved into our house, we had our walls and garage door sprayed. The house looks gorgeous on the outside for a long time and we saved a lot of money. The experience was excellent.  

The waterproof tile Smart Spray Process



Preparation and Cleaning

Preparation is key to creating a flawless, long lasting finish. All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned by either power washing or, if required, wire brush. Years of grime, mould and algae and any other contaminants are removed. 



Pre-application Protection

All doors, windows paths and surrounding areas, that are not to be coated, should be protected before application begins.



Stabilising Wall Repairs 

Once any old, loose material has been removed from the wall and any remedial building work can be carried out, advanced Render should be applied to reinforce and waterproof the repairs.




Pre-Prep Primer is next applied to penetrate deep into the substrate and ensure a high quality bond. This procedure will also ensure that when the wall coating is applied a uniformed finish is guaranteed.



Coating or Paint Application

The final stage is to apply the spray coating system or paint using heavy duty spray equipment. This delivers the material in an even coat which is up to 20 times thicker than standard paint. Our coating technology covers the surface evenly to create a stunning finished look.


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After being coated, how is the breathability of the tile maintained?

The proPERLA® Water Repellent is intended to be extremely breathable while preserving the tile's inherent capability to respire. The coating underwent water vapor permeability evaluations per BS EN ISO 7783:2011, which demonstrated that it had minimal impact on water vapor diffusion.

What is the mechanism by which water is able to escape from the tile?

By enabling water molecules to move through and dissipate into the atmosphere, proPERLA® coatings prevent the buildup of moisture.

What is the definition of breathability?

In the construction industry, "breathability" refers to the degree to which water and air molecules can pass through a surface. This property is quantified by the "SD" value, with higher values indicating better breathability. proPERLA Water Repellent boasts an impressive SD value of 0.00, placing it at the upper end of the breathability scale and making it 100% breathable.

Can proPERLA® provide protection against roof tile detachment?

Certainly, the product sticks to the tile surface and safeguards it against any additional harm or fracturing.

Does the product require dilution in water before use or is it ready to use as is?

The product is prepared for immediate use and can be applied directly from the container onto the tiles.

Is it possible to paint the tiles once the product has been applied?

It is not advised to do so.

Is it feasible to apply a second coat?

A single coat of the product is sufficient to achieve its intended effect.

Does the reduction of the pearl effect have an impact on the protection provided?

As time passes, the pearlescent appearance of the product may fade, however, this will not compromise the protection it provides to your surfaces. It is possible that the water repellency could decrease, but your tiles will still be safeguarded.

What is the duration required for the product to take effect?

The pearlescent effect becomes noticeable right after application, but it takes a full week for the product's complete benefits to be apparent.

In the absence of rain, what is the method to remove dirt from the tiles?

If such a situation arises, you may use a hose to wet the surface, but make sure to keep the pressure low. Avoid rubbing or using pressurized water on the surface.

Does the product have slip-resistant properties, and does it alter the slipperiness of the surface?

Our products do not alter the slipperiness of the surface they are applied on. Since they penetrate the surface chemically and do not form a film, the slipperiness of the surface before and after application remains the same. If you apply the product on a roof, its slipperiness will depend on its original level of slipperiness.


Datasheet for Properla Water Repellent Coating

Brochure for Properla Water Repellent Coating