exterior wall coatings & villas Painting in Marbella & Costa Del Sol

Superior Coatings That Protect & Renew without cracking, fading & Come With a 10 Year Guarantee


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SUPER HYDROPHOBIC WATERPROOF coating &  villa paiting in Marbella

Here at Smart Spray our team of professionals use superior wall coating systems to protect & renew Marbella villas and commercial property.

Our exterior wall coatings are breathable, flexible, weather resistant, insulating coatings for residential & commercial properties guaranteed to last a minimum of 10 years. All of our technicians are fully trained in villa painting in Marbella & exterior wall repair and correct application of our wall coating system by high-pressure apparatus. We guarantee incredible finishes that provide the ultimate protection from the extreme Costa Del Sol climate.

6 Reasons Smart Spray's The Smart Choice

Weather Proof Coatings

Our coatings protect your property from the extreme Marbella weather and are guaranteed not to fade or crack so your home remains looking amazing.

Temperature Controlling & Energy Efficient 

Insulates your home reducing your energy bills for heating and A/C


Prevents condensation, mould, and penetrating damp


Our coating are super hydrophobic meaning they repel water and maintains a dry surface beneath.


Our coating prevent dirt from clinging to walls so it rinses off in the rain hence resisting discolouration. 


Our wall coatings are breathable allowing any moisture in the material to escape so it doesn't come back in your property's wall.

How We Work

The Smart Spray Process



Preparation and Cleaning

Preparation is essential to achieving a perfect, durable finish when spraying or painting the interior or exterior of a property. We start by power-washing or, if necessary, wire-brushing the surfaces to remove any dirt, mould, algae, and other contaminants that may have built up over the years.



Pre-application Protection

Whether indoors or outdoors, all doors, windows paths and surrounding areas, that are not to be coated, should be protected before application begins.



Stabilising Wall Repairs (for exterior treatments)

Loose material should be cleared and any necessary repairs should be made before Advanced Render is applied to the wall to strengthen and waterproof it.




Pre-Prep Primer is applied to penetrate deeply into the substrate and guarantee a strong bond. This step will also ensure that the wall coating produces a uniform finish.



Coating or Paint Application

Finally our heavy duty spray equipment applies the spray coating system or paint to the surface, creating an even and thick finish that is up to 20 times thicker than regular paint. The result is a stunning and beautiful finish that will last for years.

Revitalise & Refresh Your Property For A Minimum 10 Years

Our wall coating systems are...

  • Resistant to dirt, algae, mould and acid rain
  • Insulating, reducing energy bills for heating & A/C
  • Applied by our team of expert installers
  • Guaranteed for 10 years

Our wall coating systems are...

  • A superior alternative to standard wall paints
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Non fading, chipping or peeling
  • Self cleaning


What our customers say

Mats Ekman

Our villa looks brand new & the team was very careful and covered everything up. It was a great experience working with this company. They were professional, friendly, and did an excellent job. Great service.  

Johan Nilsson

We recently had Smart Spray spray our home  and were very happy with the results. They showed up on time.  Their windows look fantastic, and they left everything spotless.

David Hultman

After researching wall coatings we found Smart Spray when we moved into our house, we had our walls and garage door sprayed. The house looks gorgeous on the outside for a long time and we saved a lot of money. The experience was excellent.  


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Are the wall coatings waterproof?

100% waterproof and breathable 

How long is the guarantee?

We offer a 10 year manufacturers warranty however the coatings are proven to stay looking great and protecting your home for much longer.

Who will apply my wall coating?

Our installers are fully trained in the application of the Corksol Sprayed Cork Coatings system and the ProPerla Super Hydrophobic Coating system. 

Do I still need to paint my home?

No you will not need to also paint your home for at least 10 years once applied. Normal exterior paints last around 4 yrs years so over a 10 + year period you'll avoid the time and cost of painting your home approx. 2-3 times.

Do I have to have my property painted in waterproof paint?

No we can use standard masonary pain which is slightly lower cost

Will it stop cracks?

Yes your property will get a non cracking, waterproof and breathable coating. 

Can the coatings cope with the heat?

Yes our coating have been tested by the manufacturer in extreme weather conditions and proven to maintain their appearance and protective properties for a minimum of 10 years.

Will it add value to my home?

It will make your home more desirable from the outside and save you €1000's over a 10 year period you'd have needed to spend on painting your home.

What colours do the wall coatings come in?

 11 colours are available.

Are waterproof based paints a lot more costly than standard paints?

We’d have to complete a full quotation to give you an accurate price however you can expect to pay around 10% more for waterproof paints